When jewellery artists get involved in an exhibition project, they desire (and hope) to get the maximum out of the following key words:

#Praise #Press #Reviews #Recognition #Fame #Market #Money #Satisfaction #Career_Opportunities #Award_Listing #Job #Assignment #Collectors #Buyers #Network #Bio_Top_Up #Experience


What may block them?

Ignorance about how market/ communication/ Press/ PR / networking/ law works.

Illusion about how somebody gets “famous“, has a value and a price, becomes part of a collection.

Intellectual laziness mirrored into the repetition of obsolete show/presentation patterns.

Lack of innovation resulting from lack of inspiration and lack of understanding of how other art disciplines “work”.

Lack of self reflection on how to build a meaningful and evolving biography.

Fear of having a voice of their own in an ocean of voices echoing truisms.

After months of consulting with German and Greek institutional cultural agents and of having innumerable discussions with specialists and artists, we are now ready to launch the Open Call for a joint project bridging Athens and Munich – nicknamed “Athens on the river Isar” due to its historical bonds to the capital of Greece.

The first part of the project is called “Inkubator“ and is a multi-media platform for teaching specialized knowledge you do not learn at art school. Participants of the Athens Symposium will use it to design their own independent presentation successfully and transplant this knowledge on their own soil of desire and purpose.

The second part of the twin project, a presentation platform and an interdisciplinary Forum during Schmuck-Woche Munich 2019 (Munich jewellery Week in English) is called “They Call Me Nobody!“. It is the answer Odysseus gave to the giant Cyclop before blinding him.
They may call you nobody and it is up to you to make them call you somebody!
With Homer’s words, we pose the fundamental question of an artist’s identity in the context of a turbulent and merciless market and suggest sustainable ways of presenting one’s own unique way of working.
The Athens experience and the know-how learnt at “Inkubator“ flow into the exhibition concept of “They Call Me Nobody!“

The Open Call will be on air very soon. Stay tuned!


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