Change the way you look at things, play “Subversive Games”!_Carlotta Sennatο’s solo show in Athens opens June 7th.

Subversive Games_Carlotta Sennatο
Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change!

Π Artworks_Lekka 30__ Syntagma
Opening: 7 Ιουνίου, 7-9 p.m.
Exhibition: 8 -12 June – Opening hours mentioned on the e-inivitation attached

Carlotta Sennato’s art installation “Subversive Games” in an old stamp shop in down town Athens challenges visitors to reflect whether they are aware of their power to transform and the possibility of changing things.

The question Sennato asks is crucial given the political and social subversions Europe experiences in recent years. However, Sennato’s work goes deeper: it questions our ability to re-focus our own vision and enable new creative possibilities to emerge. In Sennato’s own words:

“(…) Being subversive, indicates a new way of looking at things, and transfiguring them, playing with ideas, new concepts and free associations of meanings.
In the same way during the residency an old print shop gets subverted to become an exhibition space. The reference is to the subversion of vision.
Objects, images that are part of the already existing reality, are transformed into something different from their original conception

Sennato’s art installation reuses elements reflecting the character and function of the shop while respecting its history and meaning. Aknowledging, keeping, shifting, innovating – this is an important conceptual and aesthetical intervention in a city rapidly gentrified. Agora/Forum – a place of monetary transaction, social information, political dialogue – as practiced for thousand of years in Greece is swept away. Sennato herself becomes part of the installation, inviting visitors to stop by for a chat, thus re-triggering the “agora” principle.

“Subversive Games” opens on Thursday 7 June, 7-9 p.m. at Π Artworks, Syntagma.

One Artist A Week is a solo show series featuring international artists. The sarcastic title refers to the feeling of being inflated or not really being needed, artists often have as they are – not rarely – treated like an expiry date product in a gallery’s exhibition menu.


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