Satomi, dance your way to the top!

Pictures: Satomi Kawai performing “Modern Demeter” at the opening of Initiation//Kallichoron_Munich_Jewellery_Week_2018.
Satomi Kawai_Place for myself. Necklace.

It was a great pleasure for us to work with Satomi Kawai, a multi-talented artist with an additional academic background in literature which became evident in her fascinating story and performance orchestration. We are looking forward to Satomi’s new work in the fields of jewellery art, performance and story writing!

“When started taking a storytelling workshop by Loukia Richards, we revisited our own childhood: drawing a map of the neighborhood and the most important object at that time. Then we told our own childhood story to each other. Four of us became emotional and we were moved on each other’s childhood story. On this workshop, I rediscovered how important to know who I am as a person and visual artist as well as my personal value in my life throughout my childhood experiences. At the storytelling workshop, I started making a link to relationships between a Greek goddess Demeter and her daughter Core with my own relationship with my foster mother (my grandmother) and myself.

One of the main reasons to take this artist residency program was to combine body movements with my jewelry making. Taking performance workshops by Christoph Ziegler and dance workshops by Natasha Hassiotis echoed each other with body movements involving emotions, which gave me a new type of excitement more than I expected. At the performance workshop, we were told to be free to interact first with objects in the room and later with other people in the room. Also, I had a feeling that we have gotten back to innocent children and purely focused on the engaging moments without any hesitation. And we have gradually become free to express one’s own thought with emotion by using body movements. One thing I would like to continue from the performance workshop is to talk to my jewelry piece pretending not to have anyone around us. It may sound weird, but in this way, I could remember how I proceed to finish the jewelry piece and get intimacy with the piece, which is important. At the dance workshops, each of us opened our own mind and engaged emotional expressions with body movement by Natasha’s guidance. We started with warmup dance, and then we were introduced to a modern/contemporary dance.

The requirement of the physical involvement gave me and other artists more freedom to express various emotions with a natural state of the mind, even though we haven’t had a professional dance background. I felt a joy of dancing increasingly more. The body-engaging workshops are useful for every artist to loosen up oneself and be free and sometimes become emotional. This is indeed a good method to investigate oneself as an artist when one makes an artwork. As the workshop progressed further, I gradually built up new ideas for a new series of jewelry pieces, and at the same time, for my first performance.”

In the following links you may read, Satomi Kawai’s full art report on her participation in INITIATION//KALLICHORON_Athens AIR +MJW 2018.

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