Ivanka_Updated @ JUST PLASTICS_Karlsruhe, 8-10 June 2018

Ivanka, 2017. After 15 May 2018 and Before 15 may 2018.

Ivanka is to be seen at JUST PLASTICS, the special exhibition of Karlsruhe Eunique Design Fair, 8-10 June. Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards have been invited to participate as guest artists.

On 15 May 2018, challenged in my skills to feel compassion, I decided to add changes to the pendant “Ivanka” I had designed the year before as part of my “Trash polulist” c

ollection. Now, I added a red fiber flaw to cover a big part of the design.

Jewelry is the ideal medium for political protest: small, mobile, eloquent.



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