One Artist A Week @FaveLAB/OPEN CALL_ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE programme_ATHENS_Scheduled_shows

Picture: ZLR Betriebsimperium performing “Ghost Dance”. Credit: Christoph Ziegler.

FaveLAB is an interdisciplinary platform and a creative lab based in Athens/Greece and operating globally.

Our artist residencies, workshops, lectures, networking meetings and exhibition projects address artists, designers, curators and writers who work – or wish to enrich their knowledge – in the field of visual art, performance, film, art in public space, contemporary jewellery art, textile art, literature.

FaveLAB also focuses on the urban dynamics of Athens, a SE metropolis in the epicenter of social and cultural shifts, and aims at making their significance understandable to the art community and the broader public. Experimental art work, alternative presentations, socially integrative art and design approaches, strong communication campaigns are FaveLAB’s main characteristics.

FaveLAB offers artists, designers, art theorists, urbanists and art lovers space and expertise, guiding them to enjoy the rich cultural tradition of Athens and assisting them to develop ideas and concepts, realize and present them in situ.

Individual artists, groups or institutions are eligible for our programmes.

We offer:
Living and working space in down town Athens (7 days/6 nights)/ Four days of curated solo show in down town Athens venues / Promotional and PR support by a group of art professionals, journalists and networkers/ Customized introduction into ancient and contemporary Greek culture/ Project website.

Participation fee:
300,00 euro for one week (Monday to Sunday).
Artists who wish to stay longer in Athens may book our AIR-extension programme starting at 140 euro/week for accomodation + working space. For further details and availibility check, please contact:

Artists may apply for the following dates of the ONE-ARTIST-A-WEEK programme:

Monday 17 September to Sunday 23 September 2018 – Anliza (Tsz Ching Lam)_Hong Kong/China

Monday 1  October to Sunday 7 October 2018 – Leonidas Panourgias/Greece

WINTER 2018:

Monday 26 November to Sunday 2 December 2018 – Aistis Mickevicius_Lithuania/ Stella Jae_USA

Monday 3 December to Sunday 9 December 2018 –  Taweesak Molsawat/Thailand_USA/Jennifer Grey_USA_Turkey

Monday 10 to Sunday 16 December_Emma Lawrance_UK/Anna Watson_UK

The programme continues throughout 2019. Please, do not hesitate to ask us for specific dates that interest you at

How to apply:

Send a short bio (80-100 words), a work/show proposal (50 words), 6 – 8 pictures of your work or website, a short statement of what you wish to do in FaveLAB Athens (50 words) and the dates of the week in question to

We have a very good record of supporting artists’ grant applications.
For more information, please contact:




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