Gloria Mundi _or_Why perform?

Christoph Ziegler performs his ‘prophetic’ “Gloria Mundi” at Thalia Theater Hamburg/Altonale Art Festival 2014.
“Gloria Mundi” is a bitter sarcastic comment on the mental and material pauperization of German society. Neo-nationalism, remedies for self salvation and addiction to negation of reality are topics addressed by the performance.
To watch LIVE video click on:

Interested in our NEW OPEN CALL?
ZLR Betriebsimperium has been assigned to curate the performance programme of November 2018 at 2025 Hamburg.

ZLR Betriebsimperium wishes to open the event to artists and designers working or wishing to work as well with movement/body/voice/social interaction/participative art and offers an alternative showcase for the participants’ art and design work.

To understand why performing arts are used to boost sales in business, read here:öpp02



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