When two bankers meet, they talk about art.

Sales experts of luxury goods (such as jewellery) call the new indispensable marketing tool: Story Telling.

Art and craft market professionals in London and Berlin do agree that a good story behind your work is what gives the customer the final incentive or „kick“ to buy it.

In our new interdisciplinary project “They call me Nobody” – inspired by the Odyssey – we train professionals working in the field of fine or applied art to use performance as a means to grow in their career by adding the aspects of time, space, movement, narrative. What is performance then but a structured narrative through movement, body, voice, ornament, stage design or even improvisation or audience participation?

However, there is a more “down to earth” aspect than an art discourse approach to interdisciplinary practice, which forced us to introduce performance as a sine qua non success factor in every jewellery art project we curated since 2013.

Innovative companies in Germany, train all their employess in drama and performance regularly. The training guarantees not just “team bonding” and some days of fun for staff; it is also a powerful tool to increase communication skills and cultivate self awareness and selling potential.

We also observe that despite a myriad of workshops and summer school programmes for jewellery artists/designers/makers, the topic and techniques of how to generate money through your art remains a taboo.

There is a German saying which is very true:
When two bankers meet, they talk about art. When two artists meet, they talk about money.

Making money from your work will help you remain an innovative and independent dreamer. Nobody can dream of or envision her next enchanting art project with an empty stomach. Scholarships and grants help a lot; however, apart from the very prestigious ones, most grants reward the “deja vues“.

Before designing solutions to a problem, we have to understand all aspects of it. The art market – and more sepcifically the jewellery art market – has very special features. We will analyse them during the Jewellery Convention Athens (JCA) we plan for mid September 2018. Developing Performance and communication skills will also be part of the JCA programme. Stay tuned for the Open Call to be posted in the next days.

In the meanwhile, performance is the focus of our new art project Open Call: AIR Athens//Munich 2019.

If you wish to read more on Story Telling, please click on the link below:


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