Intellectual property+its violation.

Artists often think that intellectual property refers only to the works they make. Intellectual property is a broader term applying also to ideas and concepts. EU laws protect intellectual property even if there is no specific mention on the issue in the written agreement.

However, we – Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards alias ZLR Betriebsimperium- always state in the agreement regulating the shows we curate what exactly is our intellectual property:

namely the concept of the show and the know-how of realizing it.

This is how we avoid misunderstandings during our shows.


We think that understanding law and specifically law ruling contracts and intellectual property is a very important issue to be discussed inside the jewellery community.

This is one of the reason we include a “law workshop” in our “Jewellery Convention Athens” an international meeting to be held between September/October 2018 in Athens, Greece. The JCA includes a series of lectures focusing on issues never addressed in the art scene, such as funding/ law and management/ marketing/ communication/ networking, as well as workshops and curated shows in Athens, Greece.


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