We thank our MICRO-SPONSORS!

Valeria Geritzen_Berlin/ Eva Van Kempen_Amsterdam/ Annette Dam_Kopenhagen/ Elisabeth Pilhofer_Munich/ Evgenia Zoidaki_Athens/ Bibi Klekackoska_Skopje/ Katerina Papantoniou_Athens/ Brigid Anderson_Hamburg/ Andreas Fenske_Hamburg/ Sophia Kasti/ Juergen Ghebrezgiabiher_Leipzig/ Sabine Frede_Hamburg/ Fotini Mavromati_Berlin/ Tania Kokkori_Leonidio

Our AIR programme + group show Initiation 2018//Kallichoron is 100% independent and self funded.

We have 60 remaining lots (out of 100) a 10 euro each to help us funding the group show “Initiation 2018 // Kallichoron”.
Ten prizes/100 lots include 2 Artist in Residences in Greece, jewellery by ZLR Betriebsimperium and six individual DIY oracles to find out what destiny has on hold for you!

You may purchase one (or more) lot via Paypal or bank transfer.

The lottery ends on Saturday 10 March with a special Lottery Ceremony at Florian Trampler Gallery and FB LIVE streaming: It is 100% cheat-proof!

All Micro-Sponsors are mentioned by name in our NEW website_included in the platform:


Here is the text on how to buy a lot and what the prizes are:



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