Initiation 2018 // Kallichoron_MunichJWeek2018: A Jewellery, Narrative & Performance show to reflect the night of the sacred orgies.

Photo: The mystical rose of Eleusina. Credit: Christoph Ziegler

The project INITIATION 2018 // KALLICHORON focuses on „Body – Ritual – Narrative“ as a means to bridge jewellery with the sacred context of its origins and to find meaning in its future development.

For 2.000 years Eleusina, a farmers’ community close to Athens, was the spiritual capital of the Greek-Roman world. The cult of Demeter and Persephone – Mother and Daughter – also know as “orgies” (work) celebrated the establishment of human settlements and agriculture, the cycle of nature and life, the preparation and sharing of food, the creation and abolishment of hierarchical classes and the metaphysical explanation for the soul’s destiny after death.

The Eleusinian cult or Eleusinian Mysteries, as it is widely known, is a milestone in the history of human civilization.

Kallichoron”- „The Well of Fair Dances“ – still to be seen at the very entrance of the sacred site of Eleusina, alludes to the ecstatic dances the initiates performed around it to honor the goddess Demeter, Mother Earth, before the revelation of the secret of bliss through objects, narrative and performance. Kallichoron was the boundary between life and death, conscious and unconscious, upper world and Hades, the initiates had to cross to reach eternal truth.

At the show opening, jewellery artists present performances they developped during their Artist Residency in Athens, to reflect the common denominator between wearable ornament and movement: the body.

The installation of the show’s Honored Guest Daniel von Weinberger is an incisive comment on the end of civilization.

Many elements of the Eleusinian cult – its sacred architecture, objects, performances, doctrine – were absorbed by Christianity after the decline of the ancient faith, thus becoming a vital part of Europe’s spiritual heritage and cultural language.

The group show opening on 8 March 2018/Munich Jewellery Week at Florian Trampler Gallery is curated by ZLR Betriebsimperium alias Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards.

Participants: Daniel von Weinberger/ Christoph Ziegler/ Petra Bole/ Eva Van Kempen/ Satomi Kawai/ Panayiotis Panayi/ Daria Borovkova/ Evgenia Zoidaki/ Kalliopi Andrikopoulou/ Lyra Lin/Ting Quetzaljo/ Vivien Bedwell/ Bibi Klekackoska/ Anna Lewis/ Martina Turini/Loukia Richards.




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