THE EMOTIONAL VALUE OF JEWELLERY: “Offering jewellery to the ones who can not wear it: Burying the dead with jewellery, adorning icons with jewellery in contemporary Greece.” Last part 7/7

A pitch by Loukia Richards for the JEWELLERY MATTERS International Symposium at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 16 November 2017. You may read Part 1/2/3/4/5/6 by scrolling down blog updates.

Credits: Christoph Ziegler/Loukia Richards


Picture #1.

A tooth with a golden crown taken from a relative’s scull after exhumation; it is used an an amulet.

Notice that the 33-knots-bracelet in the picture has to be worn till the wish is granted.

Picture #2.

Last but not least: This image shows a stone jewellery mold from the archaic cemetery of Eleusina – Copper Age.

It was buried with the jewellery maker as a distinctive mark of his identity, including his profession, for all eternity.



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