INITIATION 2017/SIERAAD Amsterdam: Our stand design!


The installation refers on the one hand to the strong sun of Greece that forces people to look for shelter under textile curtains, blinds, umbrellas, etc.

On the other hand, the stand reminds of the vaults of the elegant byzantine churches – most of them without frescos or mosaics anymore (“white” in the inside) – churches that are build as a metaphor for the universe ruled by light.

At the same time, it is an allusion to the beautifully carved or “peeled off” doric columns of Parthenon, a temple meant to remind you that there is no straight line in nature. The play of light and shades changes the shape of the columns of Parthenon and makes them look as if they are breathing.

Constant movement and αγών/struggle are concepts imminent in Greek culture – ancient, medieval and modern.

We have chosen the round shape of the umbrella also for practical reasons: to add volume and plasticity to the participants jewellery; to remind of the chest, the breast, the human body that will wear the works and which is 3-dimensional unlike the flat wall or the vitrine.

The graffitis on the wall in blue/black color are “transfigurations” of the Linear B, the first Greek ideogrammatic script of which later the Greek alphabet – as we know it – evolved. Thus, Linear B, which has been deciphered, is the ancestor of all written languages in Europe – including Cyrillic, Latin, Turkish.

These symbols reflect concepts we talked about during the participants’ artist residency in Athens.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-14 um 11.05.03We use the spray paint graffiti to combine the graphical language of the past with the contemporary graffiti in Athens which we see as a both disturbing and vital struggle for individual significance.

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