A philosophical-existential search for the Self through dance+movement!

Natasha Hassiotis is more than an art critic, tv and radio producer, curator, author, academic and friend! She will initiate the participants of our new project “Initiation 2018-Kallichoron*” (Munich Jewellery Week 2018) to ritual dance and movement. Natasha’s workshop will bridge two of the oldest sacred art disciplines – namely jewellery and dance – to outline a complex future.

Instead of a formal introduction, we thought it better to ask her some questions inspired by her book: Great Choreographers.

Enjoy the interview!

*Kallichoron means The Well of Fairy Dances in Greek. Eleusinian Mysteries initiates danced around it through the night to honor goddess Demeter (Mother Earth and initiator of the Mysteries).

Our jewellery art series “Initiation” (Munich Jewellery Week 2017 – Sieraad Amsterdam 2017 – (Munich Jewellery Week 2018) makes allusion to and is inspired by the Eleusinian Mysteries. The celebration of the cult lasted for approximately 2,000 years and some of its sectet mysteries may be traced in rituals and concepts of the Orthodox church – even nowadays.

Lifting the veil and discovering the millenia old narrative on love, passion, destiny, loss, hope, humanity is also part of the workshops we offer during the participants’ preparatory residency in Athens (see Open Call for more information or contact: loukiarichards@gmx.de) No previous experience with dance or/and performance is required to join our team!


– Have you traced a common trait in the life and character of “The great choreographers” which is important to share?

All thirty nine choreographers whose interviews are presented in the book are very different; their work, their style, their age, their choices, their personalities are different. However,what you can discern in all of them is the love for dance, their belief that in dance one may find more than “beauty” and youth, an almost philosophical-existential search for the Self through dance and movement. I wish I had all of them together around a table with food and drink and have them talk about art and life. I feel lucky I had the chance to talk to them.

– Looking back what did dance teach you through the years?

I’ ll answer using terms that apply to dance as well as in life issues: dance gave me stability, perseverance, focus, resilience and made me a better person.

– How is dance compatible with jewellery?

I think that certain principles apply to both arts: a motif and its development, for example, apply to choreography and jewellery alike. Also, an artist delves into his/her material and what follows is that expression of feelings is moulded with craftmanship, and this may be said for both dance and jewellery, and so on.

– How would ritual dance help us grow?

Ritual, when it is not a sign of psychopathology, is very important: it organises time and space around us, it gives meaning to everyday events, it signals the beginning and ending of an era, of an event et.c. It deals with memory, with becoming a human…

Ritual dance has many aspects and many parts. To approach each one of them is a journey that makes us meditate, think and acknowledge who we are, who we were and who we want to become.

– Your plans for 2018?

To publish my third book, a collection of short stories, and open my teaching to a wider audience, incorporating theory and practice.

Pre-read Great Choreographers online:


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