Q&A_s: INITIATION 2018 – Munich Jewlery Week

Here are some of the questions artists/designers/makers interested in our project “Initiation 2018 – Kallichoron at Munich Jewellery Week” ask us:

  1. Who is loukiarichards@gmx.de I have to send my questions to?

Loukia Richards is an artist and curator. She was a nominee for the Herbert Hofmann Prize in „Schmuck 2017“. Richards has lectured for Zimmerhof Symposium (2014), Stilwerk Hamburg (2014), the Federal Agency for Creative Economy Hamburg (2012), the Embassy of Greece in Washington D.C. (2008).

Along with Christoph Ziegler, she curated the international jewellery art exhibition series „Myths“ (2013-2016) and „Initiation“ (2017) which is inspired by Greek mythology and religion.

Loukia Richards is an alumna of the Fulbright Foundation, Onassis Benefit Foundation, Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Foundation. She is a graduate of the University of Arts Berlin (UdK – Visual Communication. 1993) and the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (Economics, 1988). Collectors of her work include: Onassis Benefit Foundation New York, Grassi Museum Leipzig, Fulbright Foundation Greece, Jeroen Redel Collection Amsterdam etc.

She has cooperated with leading cultural/political institutions in Germany such as Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, Federal Agency for the Environment Dessau and Berlin, Altes Museum Berlin, Greek Foundation of Culture in Berlin, General Consulate of Greece in Hamburg, Platform Munich, Goethe Institut Athens etc.

Her coming next projects include: angewanzt (Group show at Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein München, October 2017) – Sieraad Amsterdam (November 2017) – Pecha Kucha at Jewellery Matters Symposium/Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (November 2017).


2. What is your previous experience with MJW?

Apart from Loukia’s work shown in the official show Schmuck 2017 and at the Galerie Ra stand in the Messegelände last year, “Initiation 2018 – Kallichoron” is going to be our 4th ZLR Betriebsimperium show during MJW; Munich is the shrine jewellery artists and jewellery lovers from all our the world pilger every year; very international and very art oriented; and there no words to describe the networking, PR and promotion possibilities for the attending artists.

We started in 2015 and we had chosen a political theme for our first show; we build a labyrinth and a forest of lunacy to reflect – through two major Greek myths – on the contemporary Greek crisis; vitrines and dispay surfaces were alll made of cardboard, for Greece was bankrupt and people slept out in the street; we did not want to please, we wanted to make a statement: Guys, look at this looted and frustrated country!

People made lines to enter the Weltraum gallery – very famous in the Munich underground scene – and we added performances, a lecture by a chief curator of the National Gallery of Greece and a music event during the show and landed among the ten best of Art Jewlery Forum for MJW 2015.

The next two shows in 2016 (in a van with jewellery you could rent (on share economy) and in a fine art gallery with Tarot readings and performances in 2017 (on initiation) were also very “crowded” and a good number of jewellery VIPs, such as Otto Künzli, Marjan Unger, Liesbeth den Besten gave us the honor to be our guests.

There is a lot of photo material to go through in our websites or in the Facebook page: Initiation 2017 or in Twitter: @LoukiaRichards.

Right now we are completing the AIR-cycle for Sieraad Amsterdam 2017, where we will present works by an international team of jewellery makers and artists (see our blog for interviews and references, for example:
https://myths2015munich.wordpress.com/2017/06/21/chiara-cavallo-make-a-wish-make-a-knot/ )

In Athens we explore, study and discuss jewellery and art collections and visit specific sites such as the Mysteries temple of Elefsina (close to Athens) which then inspire our jewellery, concepts as well as the display and exhibition design of our show.
We are not trying to “reproduce” any ancient Greek style or “copy” something that has been before; we go to the essence of the concept or the use or the drive behind jewellery (and in the case of the MJW project 2018: behind the ritual and the movement/dance/perfornance), because we reflect on our circumstances and needs and we do believe that Greek thought and spirituality can still be very inspiring for a fulfilled artist’s life.

I think you have read the Open Call, so I do not need to repeat that in this AIR we will have a very intensive workshop programme on performance/ritual dance/story telling and media work.

The full text is here:

3. When is application deadline?

We wish to complete the applications procedure asap, because there is a lot to coordinate and prepare ahead of MJW 2018. So, the sooner you apply the better. We set the 15th of October as a deadline to consider inquiries and reply to questions. After that we will start choosing from the applications submitted. It usually takes one week-ten days for MJW projects to build a team.

4. I want to stay longer in Greece. Can I?

We offer you the possibility to stay longer in Athens and explore the city on your own or visit Leonidio, a 19th century town in the Peloponnese, stay in an original 19th century mansion, enjoy the garden, the terraces and the countryside, meet locals, get to know the still living archaic traditions of Arcadia, visit more creeds of Greek civilization: Homeric Mycene, ancient Sparta and byzantine Mystras, work in a spacious atelier for as long as you like and get revitalized after a tough day of work by walking through the red canyon’s wild landscape.

6. I love the idea of Initiation at Munich Jewellery Week but I do not want to visit Greece again; I have been in Greece as part of your previous team Initiation 2017 Sieraad or Myths 2016 Sieraad; Can I participate in your team?

Contact us to discuss it; it depends on many factors.

7. Why not go to Athens on my own and read a guide or tips on the internet?

It is hard, if not impossible, to find all the connections we will make clear for you to understand in a book, an internet article or a classical guide. We won’t show you what the average tourist wants to see, but what a jewellery designer needs to see to understand and to grow in his/her profession. In addition to that, it is impossible to dance or design a performance by following an article in the internet.

Loukia who is chairing the artist residency programme is a native Athenian and at the same time an international artist and curator. She will give you customized tips responding to what YOU want and need to see and make you aware of historical, anthropological and cultural connections that will place new knowledge in the context of contemporary art and design. She lives and works in Greece, Germany and the Netherlands and can navigate easily through three distinct cultures, five languages and build bridges of meaning.

8. I am interested in having a show in Greece. What are the possibilities?
Many! We just finished an exhibition cycle during Athens Documenta 14. It depeds on what you want and when you want it. Contact us to discuss the issue.







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