Valeria Geritzen: “Loukia is a real Athenian who lives in and for the city!”

Photo: Valeria Geritzen’s solo show during documenta 14 Athens. #ONEARTISTAWEEK

Christoph Ziegler and I had the pleasure to co-operate with Valeria twice last summer shortly before and at the very end of documenta14 Athens. Valeria is a multi-talented person, for she is a Berlin based expert on culture and art working in the media sector, as well as a highly sophisticated conceptual artist with a remarkable sense of humour! During her second visit to Athens we curated her solo show “Osten/Westen (Aste/Weste)” at the shop windows of the stamp and engravings family business “Panourgias” in the very heart of Athens.

Here is Valeria’s review:

“Loukia is the best city-guide I ever had, because she is not a professional guide, she’s a real Athenian woman who does live in and for the city, never tired and all passionate to do so! I had the best time, learned a lot and am super impressed by Loukia’s knowledge!!”

Valeria Geritzen, Berlin. Valeria is an editor/correspondent for the art + culture platform Art Berlin.

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One thought on “Valeria Geritzen: “Loukia is a real Athenian who lives in and for the city!”

  1. Thank you so much Loukia, just reread this – and I am so happy to work with you, you are an excellent curator and when it comes to supporting your artists: You are the best!


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