Looking for the LAST member of our Initiation 2017-Sieraad International Art Jewellery Fair Amsterdam, NOV 17

Open call INITIATION 2017 @ Sieraad International Art Jewellery Fair: 9-12 November.


This is going to be our third participation in Sieraad as a group, my fourth as an artist and our second year of applying the concept of boosting a jeweller’s work and imagination through a curated visit to Athens and the discovery of the riches this oecumenical, complex and living culture has to offer.

We call the trips/visits curated, because we do not just show you around or simply bring you to places every tourist feels obliged to see in Greece, but we engage in a dialogue with you on your associations and your points of view and – more importantly – on what you would like to see and understand that would be beneficial to your work. We do not believe in dry knowledge, we do not like art and culture that has no impact on life, we never learn from unconnected pieces of information which make no sense as a whole. We want you to discover, question and digest the impulses an old but never ageing culture such as the Greek one has to offer.

Greek/Roman and Christian/Judaism are the pillars of Western civilization. Once you unerstand the spirit, you have the keys to open more doors, to build more stocks, to mix them with other influences and styles and beliefs, to add your impact on it. Greek culture has always been open to the influence of the East and the North as jewellery motifs – among other crafts – manifest. Greek culture has always been an intrepid globalizer and globalizee.

My partner Christoph Ziegler and I have curated/organized eight participations in international jewellery art shows in the last 4 years and had more than 40 group or individual shows in Germany, the Netherlands and Greece in the last five years. We are both full time artists.

Our latest show „Initiation“ during Munich Jewellery Week (8-11 March 2017): http://www.initiation2017.com was a success in terms of visitor numbers, sales, PR, feed back. It had once more featured in „Current Obsession“’s Munich Jewellery Week choices: „Critic Route“ by Liesbeth den Besten.

No show we curate is or looks like the previous one. We never repeat successful recipes. Christoph and I are both visual artists and get bored by standardization. We put a lot of emphasis on the individual needs of the participants and pay a lot of attention to their ideas.

For example, last year many of the project participants felt the visit to the Acropolis and Eleusis as a boost for new ideas and I dare say as a „revelation“ or an „initiation“ — this is why we have chosen this title for our Munich show last month and this is why we want to explore further how it feeds your imagination!

For more information on terms and conditions and how to apply, please contact:


as soon as possible. We only have 1 place available.








Photo: Participants of our Initiation 2017 team at Munich Jewellery Week are having fun  with “Tarot Moebling” after the show closed for the day. In the picture clockwise: Anna Fanigina, Ludwig Menzel, Aleksandra Atanasowski, Loukia Richards, Renata Manganelli, Christoph Ziegler.



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