Xenia Walschikow: My jewellery connects me to my lost Russian identity.

Photo: “Brushed Neck Piece in Cadmium Red Orange with Gold Plated Frame Hooks”. Xenia Walschikow.

The aim of my work is to extract details from traditional Russian decorative art and transform them into wearable contemporary art jewellery. In the history of decorative arts, painting objects was often deemed as a female craft and a peasant art. Yet without the decorative motifs, the objects have no identity. My work intends not only to preserve the beauty of a disappearing Russian craft but to re-establish my connection to the country of my birth.

In my exploration of traditional crafts, I discovered the folk art ‘Khokhloma’. This unique painting technique from the 17th century was practised by women and reflected the Russian people’s love for nature and their quest for beauty. The decorative detail of the brush stroke became the focus of my work. I want to embrace the traditional craft by transforming the brush strokes into wearable acrylic paint jewellery. Decorating the body with a Russian inspired craft, allows me to connect with my heritage and connect to my lost identity”.

See Xenia Walschikow’s work at “Initiation” – Florian Trampler Gallery and “Talente”-Messegelände.



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