What the hell is Tarot Moebling?

Photo: Tarot Moebling performance at 2025 e.V. Hamburg. 28 October 2016.

On Thursday, 9 March 2017 visitors of the show “Initiation” will have the opportunity to enjoy a free round of “Tarot Moebling”. We are sure many of you have no clue what we are talking about and are too shy to ask… Here is some information to help you “lift the veil of mystery”!

The common denominator between jewelry and Tarot is alchemy, for the cards are also codified „recipes“ from the Alchemists’ notebook.
The cards manifest the quest for knowledge, riches and immortality.


Tarot Moebling is a participative performance in which the audience becomes part of the „plot“.

We use the imagery of the Tarot cards and a set of household objects to start our „mystic“ improvisation.
The twenty two motifs of the „Major Arcana“ help us to interpret questions asked by the audience.
Each Tarot figure represents a given character, emphasizes hidden emotions, uncovers strong cultural and spiritual symbols and transcripts the Alchemists’ efforts to attain knowledge into a „surreal“ – dreamlike – composition.

Text fragments mixed arbitrarily with the Tarot cards, incite free associations between the archetypical Tarot order and our personal dilemmas. The use of ordinary household objects as stage set and „costumes“ emphasizes our idea that every objects can be used in a different context.

During the Tarot Moebling performance themes such as love, fear, hate, helplessness, war, peace, power emerge to the surface.
The outcome of the performance comes always as a surprise to us, as we see ourselves as the directors of a play the plot of which we do not know in advance.

The outcome is both insightful and fun.

Participants do not need to have any special training, knowledge or physical condition to participate in Tarot Moebling.







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