Petra Bole: “Jewellery must be sentimental and never look for compromise”.

Photo: Petra Bole, BODY/TELO.

STATEMENT or my MANIFESTO in 6 sentences:

1. Believe in a power of jewellery.
2. Tell real life stories not fairy tales.
3. Make a clear message.
4. Cross the (art) borders.
5. No man is an island.
6. Let’s have some fun.

Jewellery must be sentimental and never look for compromise.
Jewellery must be owned by the public if it wants to touch the public.
Jewellery must steal and seek to be stolen.
Jewellery must cherish its enemies in order to make friends.
Jewellery must forget the psychoanalysis of the studio.
Jewellery must go out into the street to eat and be eaten.
Jewellery must be shamelessly curious.
Jewellery must look where to attack and neglect its defences.
Jewellery must use traditional codes in order to break them.
Jewellery must neither forgive nor forget.
Jewellery must ignore all prescription.

Forget about sceneries and props.
Forget about objecthood, focus on jewelryness.
Forget the aficionados, target the uninitiated.
Focus on the ‘”why” and “how” of jewelry, on people and jewelry.
Focus on questioning instead of answers.
Focus on experiment instead of nice results.
Focus on process and projects.
Focus on inclusion of other media and strategies.
Focus on sharing and collaborating.
Forget the unique one-offs for the gallery, every now and then try multiples.
Take care of finding your own vernacular. Use slang when necessary.
Forget about Schmuckschau.

I love…
I believe…
I am committed to…

Consult the tarot deck
Read a book

Just state what you believe. Simple as that. One sentence, a bullet-point list, or a whole
commencement address.
“I believe in the power of love.”
“I believe in real butter and thick-cut bacon.”
“I believe that everyone and everything is fascinating — and that everyone has a story worth
Or — for an unexpected twist — state what you no longer believe. (And why.)

Paint a vision of the world you want to live in. What’s different? What’s better? What’s
This is your version of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.
“I want to live in a world where girls at risk have a way out — and up.”
“I want to live in a world where meditation is taught in every high school.”
“I want to live in a world where organic food is just as affordable as fast food.”
Wrap it up by explaining how you are working to create that “better world.” Tell your reader how she can join your revolution.

How very Oprah of you! Reveal a few undeniable truths in a poem, an essay, or a list.
“Here’s what I know for sure: love is the antidote to fear.”
“Here’s what I know for sure: one handwritten thank you note can alter the course of
someone’s day. Or life.”
“Here’s what I know for sure: when you fall asleep for the last time, you won’t wish you’d
spent more time linking, tweeting, and liking. You’ll wish you’d spent more time kissing,
laughing, and loving.”

Meet the artist at INITIATION, Galerie Florian Trampler, Munich Jewellery Week, 8-11 Marh 2017.


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