Initiation means…

… rites, mysteries, secrets, unveiling, beginning, truth, entering a new world or situation or different level of perception.

It also means you take somebody who is “blind to gnosis” and you open his/her eyes to new possibilities.

And this is what I think all participants in the group show “Initiation” (opening on Wednesday 8 March at Florian Trampler Gallery during Munich Jewellery Week) have in common:

they open the eyes of the visitors to new possibities jewlery art can offer;

Is it through different or unusual material (for example, paint or trash or paper or organic material)?

Is it through finding new ressources in archaic poetry or readings on ancient religions or shamanism?

Is it through changing common jewlery practices, such as opting for the incomplete work of art instead of the final object?

Is it through “seamless moving” from one art discipine into another, for example from sculpture to jewellery, from jewellery to poetry or from performance to sculpture?

I find this tranformation of energies and ideas fascinating.

You do not have to scratch so much on the surface:

At the very beginning of jewelry you find magic: it helped humans to gain control over their destiny. Magic is an extreme progressive idea, for it means that the human being dares to take action, to oppose gods and their wills, to do it “his way”.

Christoph Zieger and I will attempt to ilustrate the transformative power of jewelry:

from the unmaterial into value

from the ephemeral into eternity

from the alchemist’s recipe into currency

from the current crisis into blessing

in our Tarot Moebling live performance with the public on Thursday 9 March at Florian Trampler Gallery, 8.9.30 pm. Do not miss it!


Loukia Richards, 21 February 2017 – Leonidio/Greece.



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