Jewelry artists, leave your ivory tower asap!

This is ZLR Betriebsimperium’s jewellery art manifesto.
  1. Jewellery artists should leave their ivory tower and open up to the challenges of the real world.
  2. Working on your emotions and thematising it, as many jewellery artists do, is great and therapeutical, but after all, who cares about how you feel?
  3. Look around you and wonder: Why people do not buy jewellery?
    I bet: Because they do not find hope or solace for their acute worries in it.
  4. Art’s mission is also to give solace and hope and encouragement to carry on.
  5. But how can you do that if you have no idea about what is going on around you?
  6. The way you think changes the way you design or make art.
    Are you seeking contact to the people “out there” or avoiding it?
  7. Although jewlery is a wearable art that can send your message everywhere you go, it looks like the norm is to ignore or even detest the possibility to become more “political” by the choice of your themes or materials or the way you work.
  8. A reminder: the root of the word “politics/political” is Greek and means belonging to the practices and “mores/morals” of the polis – the city or to translate it in our art practices: the interest and the duty to co-shape the city affairs by your ideas, participation, example setting.
  9. I have already sketched my way of thinking in the Zimmerhof Symposium 2014 where I encountered mixed reactions: enthusiasm and hostility. The more you live in your ivory tower the more you detest people who have not lost contact to reality.
  10. While we are looking for meaning, we have launched the jewellery art series: Leave Your Crisis in Greece or and a new platform for cultural exchange



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