Yolande Duchateau: Let’s think how we care for our planet!

DE/GR Photo: Feathers. Credit: Yolande Duchateau

Yolande Duchateau’s work is both environmentally positive and beautiful. But beneath the surface of doing good things for the planet, Yolande sows seeds to grow “food for thought” regarding values, migration, mankind.

We had the pleasure to present Yolande Duchateau’s work at “Test Drive – Munich Jewellery Week 2016”. Enjoy a very inspiring interview.

1. What is the purpose behind your work or why do you make this kind of jewelry?

I’m a jewelry maker based in Belgium. Intrigued with what is going on deep down people’s minds and hearts, I ‘m inspired to create my jewelry by traces of human feelings and  emotions I encouter on my path. I try to empathize and scan these feelings & emotions and transform these into my work. The choice of colors and materials I’m using is in function of the substance of the process. I love to work together with the material,
keep it as pure as possible to enhance its beauty. Using organic material makes me very conscious of its origin and thereby it is very precious to me.
Sometimes I use recycled material. It’s my pleasure to give it a second life and it makes one think how we care for our planet — for ourselves and future generations. As I love symbols and metaphors I’ll regularly use this imaging in my design.

2. If you had a magic stick, what would you like to change in the jewlery world/market?

I would love to see more people wearing contemporary jewelry! Consequently, I welcome all the initiatives that aim to make bridges in order to bring contemporary jewelry closer to more people. Such as Test Drive!!! 😀

3. What would you like visitors in Munich to tell about your work?

About Feathers: How feathers protect, heat, seduce, wonder and wander off,… How they end up somewhere, whether it’s coincidentally or not, by flying, hovering or
propelled by the wind… How this was shaped as a metaphor in relation to intense human feelings and emotions in the collection ‘Feathers’.  All these pieces are made of recycled PE tubes in combination of metal chain and nylon. Some pieces also have semi precious stones such as coral, jade or agate. Every piece reflects a different mood/emotion.

About Treasures of Migration: Seeds and seed pods are used as a metaphor to bring a positive message in regard of migration. When people migrate, whether it is under pressuredue to difficult conditions in their homeland or simply because they are seeking happiness or better opportunities, they often end up in a completely
unknown – and sometimes hostile – environment. Like seeds, they must root again in new ground. In the jewelry of “treasures of migration” I try to empathize in the states of mind which are the result of  travelling, landing, grounding, integrating, growing, thriving and florishing.  I also lean over the process of the various forms of integration ranging from seeking safety within the ethnic subculture to a successful integration with the new
environment. Without closing my eyes to the possible issues of migration, I choose consciously to bring positive images which reflect mutual efforts to get to know each other, understanding, respecting, supporting and the richness acquired by mutual sharing within different cultures.

The rings/pendants I sent in for Myths test-drive are a part of a project “what’s inside” . I made 20 pieces out of leather (the sensation of skin), steel,
wood , fabric and enbroidery threath.  They all are constructed with the same basic shapes and material but the’re all finished in different ways & hiding a special seed pod inside. The same way people all have the same DNA but are all different and unique. We can easely see the outside but only when you do a special effort you might see a glimps of the hidden seed pod inside…  I love the idea to do the same with people… look at them
beyond their appearance. Some pieces can be reshaped by the wearer, the influence one can have on others: helping/giving air/giving space/open…

4.  Who are the artists you admire?

I love the work of Egon Schiele, Patti Smith, Panjapol Kulp, Akram Khan & Sidi Larbi, Agnes Larsson.

6. Your source of inspiration?

People and their emotions…

7. If you were not a jewelry artist, what would you have liked to be?

A psychotherapist 😉


Facebook/Pininterest: Yolande Duchateau


Τα έργα της  Γιολάντ Ντυσατώ είναι πολυεπίπεδα και γεννούν ασταμάτητες ακολουθίες σκέψεων όσο τα παρατηρεί κανείς. Πέραν του περιβαντολλογικά ορθού χαρακτήρα τους, τα κοσμήματα της Βελγίδας δημιουργού – φτιαγμένα από πλαστικούς σωλήνες για τα καλώδια – μιλούν για τις μετακινήσεις των λαών, για τις καινοτομίες και τις ανατροπές, αλλά και την κοινή μοίρα μας ενώνει ως ανθρώπους.

Yolande Duchateau - Feathers - necklace  made of recycled PE tubes, nylonn multicolor jade and metal chain - 10


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